Managing Egg Allergy & Chef Cards (Pack of 10)

Type: Food Allergy
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(Pack of 10) Includes both guide and chef cards. Egg allergy is the second most common allergy in infants and young children. About one out of every 100 children has egg allergy. Egg white is the part of the egg that causes most egg allergy reactions. But you can’t separate the white from the yolk without traces of egg white protein getting on the yolk. It is best to remove both from your child’s diet. This guide covers:

  • What are symptoms of an egg allergy?
  • How can I prevent egg allergy reactions?
    • Reading labels
    • Can my child eat baked egg?
  • Will my child outgrow their egg allergy?
  • Is there a treatment for egg allergy?
  • Egg ingredient list: if you see these ingredients on a label or menu, it means it contains egg protein and is not safe for someone with egg allergy

Also included are egg allergy chef cards. When you eat out, use these chef cards to let the restaurant staff know how to help you avoid allergic reactions to egg. If you would like to order the chef cards only, you can find them here.


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