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Peer-to-Peer Campaign
Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Athletes for AAFA

Money Raised: $2,528.10  Campaign Goal: $15,000.00


Are you participating in a local or endurance event such as a 5k, 10k, 1/2 or full marathon or bike ride? Your accomplishment can help support patients and families managing asthma and allergic disease. By creating a fundraising page you can raise money to support AAFA while training and participating in the event. We can provide you with a t-shirt or help set up a fundraising page - just contact Brenda Silvia-Torma at or (202) 466-7643 ext. 256 to request more information or support.

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Kathy P Bikes in Baja

  Raised: $2,065.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Earle Smola

  Raised: $288.10
  Goal: $1,000.00

1 Million Steps in 1 Month - Help Support AAFA

  Raised: $100.00
  Goal: $2,000.00

Ryan Pavlovich

  Raised: $50.00
  Goal: $15,000.00

Rachel Herth's Fundraising Page

  Raised: $25.00
  Goal: $1,000.00

PRB-Breath with Ease Foundation

  Raised: $0.00
  Goal: $10,000.00

BJ Homan

  Raised: $0.00
  Goal: $500.00

Brooke Luna

  Raised: $0.00
  Goal: N/A

Azure Otani

  Raised: $0.00
  Goal: $1,000.00

Jessica Stewart

  Raised: $0.00
  Goal: N/A

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