Oral Immunotherapy-OIT (Pack of 10)

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Food oral immunotherapy (OIT) is a food allergy treatment that retrains your child’s immune system to respond differently to food. Successful treatment of OIT may provide “bite protection.” This means a lower chance of having an allergic reaction if your child accidentally eats a small amount of the food allergen. Some children may even be able to eat the food freely in their diet after reaching the final stage of OIT treatment program.

OIT is not a cure for food allergies. But it may allow your child to eat foods with less stress and worry. You should NEVER try OIT without the help of an allergist. Your child’s allergist carefully plans and supervises the OIT process. If you try it on your own, you will put your child at risk for anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction.

Download this FREE PDF to learn more about OIT. The handout covers the following topics:

  • What is OIT?
  • How does OIT work?
  • Common OIT terms
  • Who can get OIT?
  • Is OIT safe and effective?
  • What are the risks of OIT?
  • What are the benefits of OIT?
  • Is OIT the right treatment for my child?
  • Can my child receive OIT for multiple foods?
  • Is OIT covered by insurance?

OIT does not permanently reverse a food allergy. It may not be the right treatment for everyone. But for many families, it is a valuable treatment that can reduce stress and improve quality of life. Talk with your child’s doctor about the risks and benefits of OIT.

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