Teal Classroom Resources Pack

Type: Food Allergy
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Teachers, school nurses and school administrators can create safe and inclusive school environments for students and staff with asthma and food allergies using our Teal Classroom Resources Pack. This resources pack may include resources such as:

  • 1 - Teal Classroom: Food Allergy Awareness Kit (includes lesson plans and printables)
  • 1 - Ally & Andy’s Asthma and Allergy Activity Book
  • 1 - Tackle Asthma Playbook
  • 1 - 10 School Planning Tips for Parents
  • 1 - Talking to Your Child About Food Allergy Bullying 
  • 1 each - Avoidance List/Cards (how to read a label):
    • Peanut Allergy
    • Tree Nut Allergy
    • Egg Allergy
    • Milk Allergy
    • Wheat Allergy
    • Soy Allergy

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