1 and 2 for safe air and food
Kids With Food Allergies
1 and 2 for safe air and food

I'm "Mom" to these 2 soccer players, and I fundraise for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and Kids WIth Food Allergies (KFA) because I don't want catching their breathe or the snacks after the game to be scary for any child or any family. For families who manage asthma and allergies, getting enough air or being exposed to the wrong food are scary. AAFA and KFA provide education, support, research and advocacy to these children, patients and families.

AAFA and KFA serve the 60 million Americans living with asthma and food allergies, has trained over 18,000 health professionals, has provided over 3,400 free educational kits and provides a searchable recipe database with allergen exclusions or replacements.

Please support these kids and famlies!

ABOUT Strides for Safe Kids 2016 Philadelphia
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