Standing Up To Allergies
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Standing Up To Allergies

Standing Up To Allergies


Our family has been living with life threatening food allergies for three years. During this time the Kids with Food Allergies team has helped us in so many ways! They've been there for us at odd hours when we had recipe questions, or when the school years change and we have to file new paperwork. When our children are in the hospital after contamination and we need a safe place to talk. They've always gone above and beyond for us. Now the kids would like to help support them.

Thank you for your donations, every little bit helps!

ABOUT KFA Birthday Wish

Six million children in America live with food allergies.  Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) educates families to prevent life threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and to be prepared to respond to allergic emergencies.  Educating families and communities is essential to saving children’s lives and keeping them safe and healthy.

With your help, we will educate, support and advocate on behalf of children. 

Your birthday gift will make a difference for millions of children affected by this potentially life-threatening disease. Thank you!

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