Matthew's Easter Wish
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Matthew's Easter Wish
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Since Matthew has been such a huge part in helping to organize West Virginia Children's Allergy Alliance (Food Allergy Support Group under Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) he has decided that instead of a basket full of candy and goodies, he would rather fill up his donation bucket for an orginization near and dear to him.  Kids With Food Allergies.  
Some time ago, when he was little- we worked with them to help get a grant - and he still talks about how excited he was to find out that he helped lots of kids just like him! 
So, if you know Matthew and normally buy him goodies - please consider a donation in his name to a place that does so much for him and oodles of kids just like him!

ABOUT KFA Birthday Wish

Six million children in America live with food allergies.  Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) educates families to prevent life threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and to be prepared to respond to allergic emergencies.  Educating families and communities is essential to saving children’s lives and keeping them safe and healthy.

With your help, we will educate, support and advocate on behalf of children. 

Your birthday gift will make a difference for millions of children affected by this potentially life-threatening disease. Thank you!

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Anonymous Friend 03/13/2016 $10.00 A wonderful idea Matthew! Thanks for being such a great kid!
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