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Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
Komodo Health's Fundraising Page
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As part of Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) will be announcing a new, multi-year fundraising challenge this May. Tentatively named the HEAL (Health Equity Advancement and Leadership) Innovation Challenge, this campaign will aim to raise $5 million to support AAFA's health equity work. The emphasis of this challenge is to improve asthma and allergy care for those at the highest risk for poor outcomes due to these chronic conditions.

To help support AAFA reach its fundraising goal, Komodo Health is hosting a month-long Komodo Cares AAFA Meditation Challenge & Fundraiser in May. We encourage Dragons and Mavens to donate $10 each as part of the registration process for the Komodo Cares 10 min/day meditation challenge. To enhance your impact, please submit your donation receipt for an eligible K-match here.


Fundraisers have heart! 

Thank you to our most devoted supporters who commit their time and effort to raise funds and awareness for people managing asthma and allergic diseases. With your support, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) is saving and improving lives for over 65 million people in the U.S. affected by asthma and allergies. Your generous donations support:

  • Patient-centered research 
  • Eucation programs for schools, nurses, respiratory therapists and families
  • Advocacy work to improve federal laws and policies that impact our community
  • Community outreach and support

Asthma and allergies are chronic diseases that impact the physical, emotional, social and financial health of individuals and their families. It is our hope to reduce these burdens and prevent tragedies. Thank you for joining forces with us to save lives. 

If you have any questions about setting up your fundraiser, contact us at 

Name Date Amount Comments
John Wollman 06/01/2021 $100.00  
Ashley Gullo 05/26/2021 $10.00  
Christine Douglass 05/25/2021 $30.00  
Krissi Xenakis 05/23/2021 $25.00  
Gabriel Roybal-Jungemann 05/21/2021 $25.00  
David Wunderlich 05/20/2021 $20.00  
Anjali Doshi 05/20/2021 $100.00  
Sarah Gordon 05/11/2021 $20.00  
Alexa Nguyen 05/11/2021 $10.00  
Paula Van Loan 05/04/2021 $20.00  
Nicole Song 05/03/2021 $50.00  
Audrey Jensen 05/03/2021 $50.00  
Trish Kane 04/28/2021 $10.00  
  Total $470.00  
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